Sunday, January 9, 2011

Metaphors for the Musician - Perspectives from a Jazz Musician!

I have been after this very interesting looking publication for sometime now and recently I finally got it in my dirty little mitts along with three other useful books including:
  • Tons of Runs for the Contemporary Pianist
  • Intros, Endings & Turnarounds for keyboard
  • berklee Jazz Piano
Metaphors for the Musician has turned out to be everything that I hoped, distilling the complex world of jazz piano into easily understood chunks. For instance there is a wonderful section called Voicings 101 for solo, duo, trio and quartet situations in the chapter titled, Incomparable Comping.
I have a reasonable handle on the use of rootless voicings if playing with a bass player for duos, trios and quartets but for some reason I have had a mental block about what to do with the left hand if playing solo and Randy explains it beautifully. So now I feel a lot better equipped to play the Real Book tunes and to actually produce something that sounds reasonable on my own.
There are many great chapters including:
  1. Picturing Jazz
  2. In the Practice Studio 
  3. Painless Piano
  4. Ways to Develop Your Improvising
  5. Theory Demystified
  6. Incomparable Comping
  7. At the Gig
  8. Paths To Success
A great companion to Mark Levine's The Jazz Piano which gets plenty of mentions throughout Metaphors. Get it!