Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A real piano!

Denmark TAFE, where I work, very successfully delivers music courses from Certificate II through to Diploma level. As a consequence of this there are quite reasonable facilities and equipment including a real piano! Yesterday, as the music students were obviously occupied elsewhere off campus, I had the opportunity to play said instrument during my tea breaks during the day.
My impressions were:
1. A disappointing sound in comparison to my digital piano based on a Steinway and which I normally play wearing headphones.
2. I struggled to get much volume out of it but it was nice to really attack the instrument and have it respond.
3. The touch was certainly a little heavier but not so much that I struggled which is a testament to the designers of my Casio CDP100 which is only an entry level instrument.
4. Eventually, I did start to enjoy playing it and look forward to getting the opportunity to do so again soon.

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