Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Guitar Wall!

So yes, I have been concentrating my musical efforts on the piano for the last few months but the guitar still plays a role in my life and here they all are including a couple that Michelle owns. They look pretty good up on the wall and it is a great way to store them as they are always immediately ready for action.
Starting from the left:
1. Michelle's Yamaha G-225 classical that a friend gave to her
2. My Regal Square-neck dobro
3. My Simon Rovis-Hermann concert classical
4. My Line 6 Variax 600
5. My Tanglewood TW170AS-CE cutaway electric acoustic
6. Michelle's Washburn bass
There is one other that is not functional but decorative and is stored high up on the adjacent wall.
Michelle painted it for a guitar related exhibition and, as nobody bought it, adds excellently to the ambience of my studio.

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