Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's interesting.............

........... observing my progress on the piano in relation to what I know and understand of the process of learning the guitar. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am embroiled in jazz piano currently amongst all the other bits and pieces, and that has meant pushing my knowledge of chords particularly left hand voicings.
Learning chords on the guitar is very much about shape once one has worked out what finger goes where and for some reason this did not seem so obvious to me on the piano.
Yeh, I know your thinking:
"Well you Dill, how could you miss that?"

Then it suddenly occurred to me the other day that it must be the same on the piano and - that there must be a finite number of meaningful shapes as an octave is an octave is an octave if you get what I mean.
So I have shifted my perception a little as I am playing chords and trying to feel the physical shape of a chord in my hand and to recognise when it occurs again but is for a different chord!


  1. This is a concept that I have found to be extremely beneficial to me over the years.

    Nice blog and good luck!
    - L2L

  2. Well Roger, I am indeed honoured you have visited my humble little blog!

  3. Absolutely! And I hope my videos help you along the way.

  4. I just happened upon your site. I'm a jazz pianist who's been freaking out on guitar for the last couple of years! I did just the opposite and grew my fingernails out. I have to trim them down every time I have a piano gig!

  5. Hey Dwadrum that is so interesting to hear. Looking after those damn nails is a bitch though!