Saturday, April 24, 2010

Improv in C

Crazy Saturday by Ramsnake. Here is a soundtrack, for a short surf movie I shot recently, created and performed by me using the Yamaha S90XS. Such a brilliant music creation tool and the sax voice is particularly wonderful fun! I utilised the Performance named "Smooth It Over" in a one off live take with all the arpeggio variations to create variety in the backing track and recorded it straight to USB.
I then transferred the .wav file to my iMac, converted it to an mp3 using Audacity and then imported it into the project in iMovie HD.


  1. This must be the most laid back surf movie off all time. This is too slow, listen to some Dick Dale.

  2. I like the song, it matches the video well :D

  3. Well Mark I get really pissed off with the frantic and crap music that often accompanies many surf videos so I chose to create a soundtrack that contrasted the action on the day and reflected what it is normally like at the point. Pretty mellow and laid back.
    Here is one with a soundtrack you would find more appropriate. Not mine of course!