Saturday, August 11, 2012

21st century piano student

I use both my iPad 2, iPhone 4 and the Jawbone Jambox to assist with my piano journey. Here you can see the iPad loaded up with Musician's Practise Journal, a great little app for organising and tracking one's practise and overall progress as a student. I have found this app has really tightened up my practise routine and enhanced the results I am obtaining especially in scales. It tracks the time and provides a means to record the last metronome setting. After the practise is finished, it provides both a written overview of each individual session and a graphical one of all practise sessions. Using sensibly named folders it also helps to keep track of all your repertoire and the stage it is at in the practise process. I highly recommend it.
I am using the Visual Metronome app on the iPhone which is great but it does not quite have enough volume. I could use wired or even wireless earbuds/phones but they restrict being able to hear the piano sound. Instead, I am sending the audio to a most awesome personal wireless speaker, the Jawbone Jambox, sitting on top of the piano to amplify the output so as I can hear it more clearly.
I also send the audio to the Jambox to listen to the hundreds of scores, I have on the iPad whilst using ForScore to view them. It does so very well, is quite functional to use to play from also and has an auto page turn facility.

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