Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jeremy Denk on program notes, J S Bach and other things

I listen to the main classical radio station here in Australia, ABC Classic FM, pretty well anytime I am in the car going anywhere. The other morning, a pianist I have never heard of before, Jeremy Denk, was being interviewed. As it became apparent that he was a fan of J S Bach I became more interested and even more so when I heard that he had achieved some notoriety in the classical music world for a tirade against program notes. I think this post made on Jeremy's most interesting blog back in May 2007 is the one in question. Do take the time to explore it further as he is quite prolific on many subjects and I have added it into NTLTLP's blog list so as I can continue to read what he has to say. I conducted a litte further research and found this review of Paul Elie's Reinventing Bach, yet another book that is going to end up in the queue on the iPad, for which he has also attained some interest.

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