Monday, September 14, 2009

David Sprunger's fantastic Blues for Piano & Keyboard Course

I have blogged earlier about the brilliant and comprehensive resources that David Sprunger offers at
Having worked through his "Pattern Piano & Keyboard" over the last few weeks, I ordered and downloaded his "Blues for Piano & Keyboard" course couple of days ago.
I cannot believe what good value he offers considering the numbers of hours of effort that David must have had to put into preparing his really comprehensive resources.
And amazingly the first 9 lessons of the "Blues for Piano & Keyboard" course can be viewed for free.
Sometime in the quite distant future, as it is going to take me a long time to absorb and practise all the material in the "Blues for Piano & Keyboard" course, I intend to also purchase:
  • "Phat Chord Voicings"
  • "Piano & Keyboard Salsa"
  • "Intros, Fillers and Turnarounds"
  • "Modulation Tips & Tricks"
Oh and hey I forgot to mention - You do not need to be able to read a note of music as it is all by ear!!!!!!!!! What's holding you back? Go for it and enjoy as I am doing!

Here is what another fan of David's can do

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