Monday, September 7, 2009

Practise - becoming a welcomely unmanageable load at times?

As you can imagine from the number of resources I have blogged about, I have alot of different stuff to work on. Currently:
  • The John Thompson Method books and have just started to delve into 4th grade
  • The pop piano book within which I am concentrating on Pop and Rock styles
  • Having worked on the above, I can now start to flesh out the very simple arrangements in the Hands On piano method
  • Improvising on a simple blues in C using what I have learnt from PlayPianoToday's Online Blues piano site
  • A few pieces from Microstyles Book 1
  • A piece out of the 2nd grade AMEB book
So my practise sessions are busy, but it is wonderful to have got to this point after only 10 weeks so far!

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