Monday, January 18, 2010

The Jazz Piano Book

The Jazz Piano BookI have been surfing all the online jazz piano sites recently and have come up with some ripper resources and very helpful information.
There are some great start up lessons on Scott Ranney's site Learn Jazz Piano and has useful resources and reviews the best piano lesson sites online. Somewhere along the way one of the many sites I visited recommended Mark Levine's "The Jazz Piano Book" as the best seminal resource available. So I "acquired" it and having worked through the first few sections, can recommend it highly as the explanations and examples provided are very clear and informative. I really feel like I am understanding the jazz process far more than my futile attempts to do so many times on the guitar. It all makes so much more sense on the piano and I am absolutely delighting in the new vistas that are opening up for me, following my decision 6 months ago, to take up the piano seriously! I have just completed an order for an official copy of "The Jazz Piano Book" along with 2 of his other publications "The Jazz Theory Book" and "Jazz Piano Masterclass with Mark Levine" which delves exclusively into Drop 2 voicings. Magic!

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  1. Hi,

    Glad to hear your like The Jazz Piano Book. I have read many good recommendations about it. I am thinking about buying the book myself. I also have my eyes on "Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony" by Bert Ligon. Another highly recommended book.

    Good luck with your jazzing!