Monday, January 4, 2010

TwentyTen is born!

On the weekend, Michelle and I finally got around to seeing local band MoodSwingz play a gig at the Matilda's Meadow Winery.
My mate and former colleague Colin Reeves, who is an awesome and talented musician, is the guitarist and it is always a pleasure to hear him play.
The band also features consummate music man David Rastrick on trumpet/cornet, guitar, bass - you name it he probably plays it!
Holding down the bottom end are the inimitable Joel Barter on drums with sidekick Mark Tupman doing a great job on bass.
They were sounding tight and comfortable with the music they were playing so we had a great time even getting up on the dance floor to shake booty for a few songs!
Although nicely funky, alot of the music was a bit all sweetness and light so in the last 24 hours I have whipped together a composition with a little more edge for them which I hope they might like enough to include in their repertoire. It is based around a descending progression I wrote on the guitar sometime ago and I have added a contrasting B section to round it out and for the soloists to have a good time with.
Created in the "Oh, so capable and brilliant Sibelius", it is called TwentyTen and is available on Sibelius Music in full score and all the parts.

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